Warrender Magnetic Pump Range: Setting New Performance Standards

As new technologies generate the need for enhanced pumping performance in certain sectors, Warrender Ltd continues to provide innovative solutions with a dependable magnetic pump range. For three decades, we have manufactured pumps for agriculture, industrial and municipal use. Our customers have reported first-rate pump performance year on year. This has been possible because a Warrender product is made according to globally acceptable environmental and safety standards.

With over 20 different series and 250 basic models of pumps on offer, we are confident that at least one of our products will seamlessly fit your requirements. We continue to add new products to our existing lines such as WMCA alloy centrifugal pumps, WMTA regenerative magnetic turbine pumps, WMTP thermoplastic regenerative turbine, WMRA magnetic vane pumps, WMCP thermoplastic centrifugal pumps, and WMRP thermoplastic rotary vane pumps. Each of these pumps is aligned with the latest technological advancements in the magnetic drive pump segment.

When you partner with Warrender Ltd. you also get access to responsive after-sale services and quality spare parts at competitive rates. If you have been looking for ways to make your process completely leak-free, we suggest that you try a Warrender pump. For exceptionally heavy-duty applications in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries, Warrender’s armored plastic pumps are an ideal solution.

To browse through our expansive magnetic pump range, please visit us at www.warrender.com. Each of our products guarantees a process that is free of leakages, contamination or toxic spillage.