Warrender Ltd. - Perfect Source for Seal less High Pressure Pumps

When you need a high pressure pump that meets the 1990 EPA requirements for zero emissions, you need WARRENDER Ltd. Our specialty is pumps that have no leakage, no corrosion and meet your needs for high pressure pumping.

Seal-less high pressure pump

We produce the technically superior seal-less high pressure pump with a magnetic drive. It’s unique, both in its design and the way it functions. Ideal for low-flow, high pressure applications it works well in high pressure systems and where metering is required.

We integrate zero-leakage magnetic couplings, getting rid of the need for mechanical seals or packing glands. This reduces and sometimes eliminates both costly maintenance and process contamination, helping you comply with the most recent emission regulations.


The WARRENDER WMRA pumps have self-compensating sliding vanes maintain the designed for head and flow capacities which means extended operating life. It’s a high pressure pump ideal for non-lubricating liquids and/or high differential pressures and it’s capable of self-priming from a dry start. In fact, it can even run dry without damage.

These amazing pumps have a high-head, low-flow functionality that minimizes bypass requirements.

They have a heavy-duty alloy casement and containment shell. They are gearless so there’s no metal-to-mettle sheering and they have low internal slip. Their carbon or silicon carbide sleeve bearings are chemically resistant.

They have a variable-speed drive making them capable of proportional operation. There’s a quick-change rear cartridge assembly that means cost saving and easy servicing.

The high-torque magnetic couplings in the magnetic vane pump eliminate the need for soft-starting motors.

All ports are raised-face 150 or 300 pounds ANSI flanges and we can provide 600 and 900 pound flanges.

When you need standard or custom high pressure pumps, WARRENDER, LTD is the partner you want.

Gain Lasting Benefits of Seal Less Pumps from Warrender

Warrender, Ltd. has been in the competitive market for over 30 years. You can rely on our 30-year proven track record and efficient problem solving technology that mainly focuses on promoting environmental safety products and protecting our surroundings from unnecessary hazards. There is no end to the benefits our customers have gained from Warrender and the excellent products that we offer.

We have invested all these years in producing standard and custom seal-less magnetic drive pumps for various industrial uses. Our technologically-enhanced seal less pump range is a brilliant combination of the latest Warrender designs and former caster pump configurations. Our critical spare parts are also available for our designs and caster pump configurations.

Warrender, Ltd. – Your Perfect Source for Magnetic Pumps
Our entire gamut of magnetic seal less pump is engineered to solve all the demanding and challenging problems with utmost reliability and cost-effectiveness. Nevertheless, the true performance of our pumps is witnessed in extreme strenuous situations where conventional pumps fail to perform. In addition, the significant process advantages of our pumps comprise field serviceability, heat loads, and lower installation costs. The versatile magnetic coupling technology enables our pumps to meet the EPA zero emissions regulations as well.

All our mag-drive pumps can run your processes free of leakage, toxic spillage, or contamination. In this manner, you can easily avoid potential environmental fines, plenty of toxic and other harmful chemical releases.

To browse through our expansive magnetic seal less pump range, kindly visit our website www.warrender.com to get more information.

Features of a Centrifugal API-610 Pump

Introduction and Scope:
The API-610 pump covers the basic requirements for a centrifugal pump. They are available in expanded ranges that meet the criteria for different industrial sectors. Generally, it is implemented in heavy duty chemical, petroleum, crude oil and gas refining industries and services. They are also constructed to ensure reliability and safety when equipped in certain fields. API-610 pumps run in a reverse fashion featuring as hydraulic power recovery turbines. The prime importance of these pumps when used in the petroleum industry is to maintain the safety and reliability of its make. In case, if the production stops due to the failure of a pump, it can cost millions of dollars to a company per day. Therefore, if a pump is removed for an overhaul, it must be back in service as soon as possible as operating on a spare must be minimized. This should be performed for safety back up and to ensure no loss of production.

Warrender Ltd has been in the market for over 30 years. They are popularly known for applying and producing the sealless magnetic pumps. Warrender’s vast range of sealless magnetic pumps caters the latest technology of pumps with updated designs. The Warrender pumps and the earlier generation Caster Pumps are all specifically engineered for trouble-free performance in several different industries. They are also built for better reliability under dangerous conditions. The primary factors Warrender Ltd, operates on is to ensure reliability, safety and maintainability of the pumps.

Features of API-610 Standard:
  • Long Reliability: These pumps are designed for a minimum service life of 20 years with 3 years of continuous operation.
  • External Nozzle Moments and Forces: The nozzles of these pumps meet maximum moments and forces.
  • Casing Design: The pump pressure casings are designed by using the proper stress analysis techniques.
  • Wear Rings: These pumps are designed to have wear rings on both the impeller and the casing.
  • Rotors: The shaft run-out is confined to 0.001 inch. Originally, the impeller design is built as one piece casting, except for the vertical suspended centrifugal pumps, wherein, the impellers are keyed to the shaft and fastened by a screw.
  • Mechanical Seals: This kind of pump has specific dimensions in the chamber. These dimensions are useful to ensure safety and provide an ideal condition to the mechanical seals.
  • Vibration: There is specific allowable level and value of vibrations set in which the pump operates.
  • Balancing: The balance grades and balancing of the pumps is specified to two stage configurations. The single stage and two stage pumps and the Multi-stage pumps.
Nonetheless, other things like drivers, inspections, base-plates, material inspections and testing are a few more factors that are featured under the API-610 pump list. Apart from the aforementioned list of criteria, if you need to implement the pump in high viscosity, high pressure or high temperature processes, then Warrender API-610 pumps definitely meet your needs. They function in areas that stretch beyond conventional pump configurations. To get more information log on to www.warrender.com.