Safeguard Demanding Processes with Warrender’s Magnetic Turbine Pump Range

Applications that need to adhere to zero-leakage pumping specifications in keeping with toxic emission regulations stand to benefit from a Warrender WMTA magnetically-driven regenerative turbine pump. Our magnetic turbine pump range is suited for low-flow, high-head applications where the highest level of safety and reliability is necessary.

Warrender offers a range of WMTA Group Alloy as well as Plastic pumps that work tirelessly towards ensuring a code-compliant pumping operation. In critical operations, the smallest leakage could expose you to heavy liabilities. The best way to eliminate this risk is by investing in a product from Warrender’s magnetic turbine pump range.

Each pump that we manufacture incorporates our expertise in manufacturing Zero Leakage – Zero Corrosion™. It is our customers that ultimately benefit from this expertise that has only grown with the passage of time. Our magnetically-driven regenerative turbine pump satisfies your process requirements on all fronts, be it chemical inertia, corrosion resistance or high temperature resistance. All of these attributes safeguard your process.

The WMTA group of alloy pumps features:
·         MTA Series - Machined Billet-Single Stage.
·         WMDAT Series - Cast, Single Stage
·         Cast, Multi Stage

The WMTA group of plastic pumps features:
·         MT Series - Machined Thermoplastic, Self Siphoning
·         MTSP Series - Machined Thermoplastic, Self-Priming

The WMTA magnetic turbine pump has been designed to efficiently pump liquids containing up to 20% entrained gas. Our customers have been successfully using these pumps with thin as well as non-lubricating liquids with high differential pressures. Our pumps are environmentally safe and energy-efficient, making them the preferred choice of industries in North America as well as rest of the world. For more details on the Warrender WMTA magnetically-driven regenerative turbine pump, visit or visit for our full range of products.

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