Warrender Ltd. - Perfect Source for Seal less High Pressure Pumps

When you need a high pressure pump that meets the 1990 EPA requirements for zero emissions, you need WARRENDER Ltd. Our specialty is pumps that have no leakage, no corrosion and meet your needs for high pressure pumping.

Seal-less high pressure pump

We produce the technically superior seal-less high pressure pump with a magnetic drive. It’s unique, both in its design and the way it functions. Ideal for low-flow, high pressure applications it works well in high pressure systems and where metering is required.

We integrate zero-leakage magnetic couplings, getting rid of the need for mechanical seals or packing glands. This reduces and sometimes eliminates both costly maintenance and process contamination, helping you comply with the most recent emission regulations.


The WARRENDER WMRA pumps have self-compensating sliding vanes maintain the designed for head and flow capacities which means extended operating life. It’s a high pressure pump ideal for non-lubricating liquids and/or high differential pressures and it’s capable of self-priming from a dry start. In fact, it can even run dry without damage.

These amazing pumps have a high-head, low-flow functionality that minimizes bypass requirements.

They have a heavy-duty alloy casement and containment shell. They are gearless so there’s no metal-to-mettle sheering and they have low internal slip. Their carbon or silicon carbide sleeve bearings are chemically resistant.

They have a variable-speed drive making them capable of proportional operation. There’s a quick-change rear cartridge assembly that means cost saving and easy servicing.

The high-torque magnetic couplings in the magnetic vane pump eliminate the need for soft-starting motors.

All ports are raised-face 150 or 300 pounds ANSI flanges and we can provide 600 and 900 pound flanges.

When you need standard or custom high pressure pumps, WARRENDER, LTD is the partner you want.

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