Precision Engineered, Zero Emissions Magnetic Pumps by Warrender

When it comes to precarious tasks such as effectively handling hazardous liquid ammonia, magnetic pumps are best suited for the job. They are versatile enough to handle a myriad of harsh chemicals and do so at zero emissions levels. Owing to their core ISO-2858 design parameters, such pumps feature fully enclosed impellers that help diminish axial thrust loads and offer safe operating clearances. Their effectiveness does not decrease even under operating conditions involving extreme temperatures.

Warrender's magnetic drive pumps, designed with lower net suction specific speed for critical processes such as those in refineries. Additionally, when it comes to handling extreme high pressure and hazardous services, a number of industry leaders depend on the API-685 pumps (which are a seal-less counterpart to API-610).

What makes these pumps even more versatile is the fact that single and multistage alloy turbine process pumps can be built to API-685 pumps specifications. Following are a few applications of magnetic drive pumps:

*They are suitable for handling EPA (Environmental Protection Act) monitored chemicals.

*Mag-drive pumps are also suitable for corrosive acids such as nitric, phosphoric and H2SO4 among others.

*A magnetic pump—including the API-685 pumps—is suitable for use with materials of caustic and corrosive nature, as well as liquids that demonstrate noxious and carcinogenic properties. They can also be used in applications that involve super heated liquids, high pressure systems as well as refrigerants.

At Warrender, we maintain exceptional performance and quality levels in our products. So you, as a customer, can be assured of getting the most precisely engineered seal-less pumps for your critical processes. For more information relating to our magnetic pumps, please visit us at

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