Warrender API-610 Pumps: High on Durability, Low on Maintenance

When leading players from sectors such as oil refining, oil and gas processing, petrochemical, and chemical industries need a dependable pump process, they look towards Warrender for a suitable solution. Our range of API-610 pumps meets the most demanding applications across these varied sectors. That’s possible because our process pumps are high on durability and low on maintenance. Add to that our competitive pricing, which makes our process pumps an ideal package.

By integrating our products in their overall operational process, customers stand to benefit from maximum uptime. If we were to choose the defining characteristics of our pumps, they would be safety, reliability and maintainability. No wonder then, that Warrender pumps play a vital role in offshore oil platforms, onshore oil fields, oil processing facilities, oil refineries, oil and petroleum product pipelines and terminals, gas processing plants, LNG plants etc.

Warrender pumps are highly suited for processes that are subject to high pressure, high viscosity and high temperatures. Our centrifugal API-610 pumps comprise all types of centrifugal pumps including but not limited to horizontal and vertical, single stage, two-stage and multi-stage, single case and double case (barrel type), high viscosity disc-rotor pumps, and more.

Our pumps have been in use across various industry sectors for years at a stretch and our customers report consistent performance. This is also the case with our entire API-685 pump range.

To understand how our API-610 pumps can complement your operations, please visit www.warrender.com. Warrender representatives would be glad to assist you.

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