Warrender’s Magnetic Vane Pump Offers Maximum Safety and Productivity

If you need a pump technology for low flow - high pressure systems, magnetic vane pumps offer many advantages to conventional pumps. Where other pump designs can be physically over sized with excessive horsepower, Warrender’s magnetic vane pumps and magnetic turbine pump range provide a more compact, efficient solution.

The WARRENDER WMRA has emerged as the best-in-class magnetically-driven, positive displacement rotary vane pump. It is especially functional for low-flow/high head applications, high-pressure operations or processes where metering is required. Interestingly, the WMRA pumps have the ability to maintain high differential pressures and self-priming from a dry start. The sturdy design of the pumps makes them long-lasting without unexpected maintenance hassles. These pumps are especially useful for applications that need to adhere to a zero-leakage policy. They conform to regulations related to toxic emissions.

Our magnetic vane high pressure pump range minimizes by-pass requirements as it comprises a high-head, low-flow functionality. The need for priming is eliminated as these pumps can dry prime without damage to the internal components. These pumps boast of sturdy alloy casing and containment shell that makes them suitable for harsh working environments. Since magnetic pumps have zero emissions, your process carries on smoothly. Should you wish to use these pumps with corrosive or caustic chemicals, the chemical-resistant carbon/silicon carbide sleeve bearings provide long-life performance.

Alternatively, Warrender’s WMTA range of magnetic turbine pump is suitable for pumping liquids containing 20% entrained gas. These magnetic turbine pumps are especially compatible with thin, non-lubricating fluids.

Please visit www.warrender.com to learn more about our magnetic vane pump range. Feel free to browse through the products; we offer you the convenience of ordering our products online. At Warrender, we also keep your future maintenance and service requirements in mind. So, you shall find our products easy to service and low on maintenance.

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